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Majestik Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

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Majestik Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Let us introduce to you our "make wash days easy" microwavable deep conditioning cap. Our unique design makes room for flexibility, comfortability and provides an at home salon experience when used correctly.

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Here's What You'll Get:

1. Deep Conditioning Cap
2. 10 PIECES of Disposable Shower Caps
3. Infographic Card That Demonstrates How to Use Our Heat Cap


Here Is What It's Used For:

1. Easy to Use : Before Applying the Cap to Your Conditioned Hair, Insert the Heated Cap into the Microwave for about 1Min. Increase by a Few Seconds if It’s Not Warm Enough then Place the Heated Cap onto the Head for Your Desired Time.

2. Deep Conditioning : Our Deep Conditioning Heat System Allows Ingredients to Penetrate the Hair Follicles More Efficiently, Leaving Your Hair Snug and Soft. It Seals in Treatments and Relaxes the Hair Follicles for Effective Diffusion of Nutrients. The Heat along with Oil And Other Therapeutic Ingredients are Activated by Heat and are Readily Absorbed by Hair.

3. Non Electric by Cordless Design : There is No Need for Electrical Outlets or Batteries! The Cap is Cordless And Warms up by Simply Placing It into the Microwave, And Heating it up to the Desired Temperature. 

4. All Hair Types & Textures : Natural, Curly, Straight, Kinky, Wet, Dry, & Thick Hair 

5. One Size Fits All : Equipped with An Elastic Rim, the Cap Retrofits Itself to All Head Sizes. The Elastic in the Cap Has Excellent Memory So It Maintains Form And Efficiency after Continuous Usage. (Reusable | Eco-friendly)

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